Best education abroad for future leaders of Ukraine

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation's WorldWideStudies programme offers support for Ukrainian youth to get a Master's Degree at the world's best universities
Best education abroad for future leaders of Ukraine
WorldWideStudies is an education programme of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elite.
The programme offers support to Ukrainian citizens aged 35 or under to pursue a Master's Degree in world's best universities in the fields selected by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation as the top priority for the future development of Ukraine, including: agriculture, environment and ecology, public law, public administration, alternative energy, engineering and technology.

Our believed goal is to form a group of professionals capable of becoming a factor of positive changes in the priority fields of the country's life. We believe that it is youth that will become the driving force for quality changes in the state and ensure its sustainable development. We seek to expand the international dialogue contributing to a global exchange of knowledge, practices and best experiences that translate into tangible results for Ukraine and the world.
The Victor Pinchuk Foundation is an international, private, philanthropic foundation based in Ukraine. The Foundation was established in 2006 by businessman and public figure Victor Pinchuk. Its goal is to empower future generations to become the change makers of tomorrow. To achieve this goal for a decade it's been developing a variety of projects and building partnerships in Ukraine and worldwide.

More information you can find on the website of the Foundation.

How to participate?
«When you return to Ukraine after your studies, you will return to a country that will be closer to your dream»
Alexandre Kwasniewski, President of Poland (1995–2005)
in his speech for WorldWideStudies scholarship holders
successful years of the programme implementation
scholarship holders have got a chance to study in the world's best universities
world's best universities have hosted the programme scholarship holders
candidates per place
«WWS scholarship does not end only on studies. It is also the great community of bright people who came back home and believe in Ukraine's success»
Maksym Bugai
WWS scholarship holder 2011
«I strongly believe my input upon return in Ukraine will be meaningful in pursuit of progressive solutions to the topical problems in my country»
Iryna Aleksieieva
WWS scholarship holder 2015
«Participation in WWS Program turned out to be not only an opportunity of funding of my studies in Vienna, but to become part of progressive society of Ukraine»
Tetiana Temniuk
WWS scholarship holder 2013
«I am proud to be one of young Ukrainian professionals who have come back and are now investing their time and talent in Ukraine»
Artem Shaipov
WWS scholarship holder 2012
Programme alumni
After finishing their studies, alumni return to Ukraine to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to reform the country
implement new standards in business
work in public authorities and international organisations
lead their own companies or non-profit organisations, or work in the field of education and science
work to improve the applicable law of Ukraine as members of the parliament.
«This scholarship is undoubtedly a path to a different and better future for Ukraine»
Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister (1997-2007)
in his speech for WorldWideStudies scholarship holders
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