Our Graduates

We are happy to introduce to you the WorldWideStudies alumni. We value very much our alumni, we follow their successes, and we are happy with their victories and achievements.
Perhaps the biggest value of the WorldWideStudies is the community of its alumni that is joined every year by winners of the programme who have had successful studies in world's best universities. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation involves at largest scale representatives of the community in its other projects and offers opportunities for their further development, contributing to fostering of a generation of future leaders of Ukraine.

The programme alumni attend public lectures organised by the Foundation, and act as mentors and moderators at Zavtra.UA youth forums, attend international events of the Foundation, take part in the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meetings, join discussions and closed meetings with global leaders, including businessmen, diplomats, politicians, journalists and scientists. The programme alumni actively support each other in their project and professional activity, and implement community projects.
Oleksandr Kushch
General Master of Laws program at the Cornell University, USA
Liliia Antoniuk
Master of Arts in Gender, Society and Representation program at the University College London, UK
Mariia Melnyk
Master of International Energy program at the Sciences Po Paris, France
Viktoria Aliyeva
Master of Philosophy in Sociology program at the University of Cambridge, UK
Daryna Kulaha
Master of Public Administration program at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, USA

Viktoria Barbaniuk
Columbia University
Master of Public Administration
Taras Doroniuk
London School of Economics and Political Science
Master of Science in Public Policy and Administration
Evelina Ibraimova
University of Chicago
Master of Public Policy
Anastasiia Koltunova
The University of Barcelona
Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy Programme
Iryna Kryvda
Stanford University
Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering
Yevheniia Likhachova
Politecnico di Milano
Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design
Iuliia Palaida
King's College London
Iuliia Popova
University of Stuttgart
Master of Science in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design
Yehor Cherniev
King's College London
Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
Ivanna Didur
University of Cambridge, UK
MPhil in Public Policy
Taras Ivanyshyn
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
LL.M. In Law, Markets and Behaviour
Herman Mitish
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture
Oleksandr Samusenko
Advanced Master Space Systems Engineering
Olesia Skalenko
Leiden University, the Netherlands
Master of Laws in Advanced Studies Programme in European Tax Law
Maryna Khorunzha
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Master of Public Administration
Ivan Chaika
University of New Hampshire, USA
Intellectual Property LL.M.
Iryna Aleksieieva
University of Vienna, Austria
LL.M. Program in International Legal Studies
Seiran Aliiev
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
MSc in Public Management and Governance
Oleksandr Koriak
Lund University, Sweden
LL.M. in European and International Tax Law
Viktoria Rizun
University of Birmingham, UK
MSc in Global Cooperation and Security
Yevhenii Shatskyi
University of Pittsburgh, USA
LL.M. Program for Foreign Law Graduates
Ielyzaveta Iasko
University of Oxford, UK
Master of Public Policy
Zhanna Bokal
Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, France
Advanced Master Space Systems Engineering
Andrii Zhupanyn
University of Leiden, Netherlands
LLM in International Civil and Commercial Law
Maksym Ivanytskyi
University of Indiana, USA
Yana Koldra
University of Oxford, UK
MSc in Sustainable Urban Development
Sergii Levitov
Technical University of Munich, Germany
MSc in Power Engineering
Anna Preis
Free University of Berlin, Germany
MA in Future Research
Kyrylo Schenstnyi
Wageningen University, Netherlands
MSc in Plant Sciences
Victor Yeriomin
University of Cambridge,
MPhil in Environmental Policy
Diana Zadorozhna
Erasmus Mundus: Central European University, University of Manchester, University of the Aegean,
Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
Tetiana Kanak
University of Glasgow,
LLM in International Commercial Law
Roman Kononenko
Cornell University,
Masters in Public Administration
Victoria Lapa
University of Barcelona,
International economic law and policy
Olga Lykholobova
University College London,
MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics
Maksym Markevych
University of Chicago
Master of Public Policy
Aishe Memetova
Bucerius Law School,
Master in Law and Business
Tetiana Pavlenko
Universität Hohenheim,
Master of Science in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems
Inna Poliakova
Queen Mary, University of London,
DL LLM Computer and Communications Law
Maksym Popovych
University of Leiden,
Advanced Master in European and International Business Law
Khrystyna Rybachok
Central European University,
MA in Political Science
Ihor Semenov
Queen Mary, University of London,
LLM in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution
Andriy Stetsenko
Stockholm University,
Master of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration Law
Tetiana Temniuk
The Vienna University of Technology and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna,
Environmental technologies and International Affairs
Artur Chepenko
Queen Mary, University of London,
LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law
Kostiantyn Cherniaev
University of Groningen,
Energy and Environmental Sciences
Taras Shabliy
University of Pittsburgh,
LL.M. for Foreign Law Graduates
Christina Alam
University of Pittsburgh,
LLM for Foreign Law Graduates
Olga Aleksandrova
Queen Mary, University of London
LLM in International Business Law
Andriy Vovk
Technische Universität München,
Power Engineering
Ielyzaveta Gevoian
Lund University, Sweden,
European and International Tax Law
Sergii Grekov
Queen Mary, University of London,
Iryna Zyskind
London School of Economics,
MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation
Oleksandr Zelenyi
Queen Mary, University of London,
Orest Matviychuk
Queen Mary, University of London,
LLM in Banking and Finance Law
Kyrylo Molodyko
Harvard University,
Mid-Career Master in Public Administration
Svitlana Orekhova
Georgetown University,
MА in German and European Studies
Alex Ryabchyn
University of Sussex,
Innovation and Sustainability for International Development
Sergiy Sachuk
University of Warwick,
LLM in International Economic Law
Olga Synoverska
University of Pittsburgh,
LLM for Foreign Law Graduates
Ievgeniia Slugina
Norwegian School of Economics,
Master in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment
Krystyna Khripkova
Stockholm University,
International Commercial Arbitration Law
Mariia Tsarova
Leiden University,
European Law
Sergii Chumakov
Maastricht University,
MA in European Studies
Artem Shaipov
University of Cambridge,
Iryna Iukhymenko
University College London,
Maksym Bugai
Maastricht University,
Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management
Diana Goldshtein
London School of Economics,
Comparative Politics
Andrii Kril
University of Pittsburgh,
Maryna Kuzmenko
London Metropolitan University,
LL.M. International Commercial Law
Yurii Lotonenko
University of Copenhagen,
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Oleksandr Lugovskyi
Durham University,
International Trade and Commercial Law
Bogdan Nyshchii
Queen Mary University of London,
LL.M. FT Laws
Mariia Parubets
Maastricht University,
Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management
Kateryna Perepechai
Sciences PO Paris,
European Affairs
Uliana Poltavets
University of Leiden,
Public Administration
Anastasiya Prymovych
Harvard University,
Regional Studies
Olena Ptashenchuk
IMO International Maritime Law Institute,
Oleksiy Ryzhkov
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Ivan Romaschenko
University of Leiden,
European and International Business Law
Alina Sviderska
University of Cambridge,
Olga Sinkevych
University of Oxford,
MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy
Maria Trylis
Erasmus Mundus,
Joint European Master in Environmental Studies
Aliona Shkrum
University of Cambridge,
Natalia Shcherbynska
New York University,
LL.M. in International Business Regulation, Litigation and Arbitration
Anna Afanasiyeva
University of Chicago, США.
Anna Bilous
Jagellonian University, Poland, and University of Kent, Великобританія.
MA in European Studies and Europen Governance
Nataliya Bugaiova
Harvard University, США.
Master in Public Policy
Леся Василенко
University College London,
Anna Danyliak
Lund University, Швеція.
International Master's Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science
Olga Dolynina
London Metropolitan University, Великобританія.
MA Sports Management
Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska
University College London, Великобританія.
LL.M. in Law and Economics of Corporate Law
Julia Kondratska
Queen Mary University of London, Великобританія.
LLM in Banking and Finance Law
Julia Kosulko
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Швеція.
MSc in Innovative and Sustainable Energy Engineering
Galyna Mykhailiuk
University of York, Великобританія.
LLM in International Corporate and Commercial Law
Olga Nahorna
Technical University of Munich, Німеччина.
MSc. in Sustainable Resourse Management
Maria Pavlovska
Uppsala University. Швеція.
MSc in Biology – Ecology and Conservation
Natalia Stranadko
University of Leicester, Великобританія.
MSc. Global Environmental Change
Artem Trofymenko
University College London, Великобританія.
LL.M. in International Business Law
Марта Цвенгрош
University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Master in International Dispute Settlement
Марта Щавурська
University of Pittsburgh, США.
LL.M. for Foreign Law Graduates
Maksym Yavorskyi
University of Geneva, Швейцарія.
Geneva Master in International Dispute Settlement
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