About the programme
WorldWideStudies is an education programme of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elite.
With this programme, we support the aspirations of young talented Ukrainians to get education in world's best universities and use the acquired knowledge for development of Ukraine and improvement of its long-term competitiveness before challenges of the 21st century.

Our believed goal is to form a group of professionals capable of becoming a factor of positive changes in the priority fields of the country's life. We believe that it is youth that will become the driving force for quality changes in the state and ensure its sustainable development. We seek to expand the international dialogue contributing to a global exchange of knowledge, practices and best experiences that translate into tangible results for Ukraine and the world.

The programme participants receive financial support from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation that will enable them, once reaching their personal success, to contribute to reform key fields of Ukraine's economy.
Priority fields
Aricultural studies
Engineering and Technology
Public law
Public administration
Alternative energies
Environment and ecology
Criteria for participation
Project participants should meet the following criteria:
be citizens of Ukraine under the age of 35 (at the moment of University enrollment)
have Bachelor's or higher degree in the appropriate field, as per requirements of the Master's program of the chosen University
be enrolled in a foreign university and be ready to begin his/her Master`s studies in the fall of the coming academic year
to have a clear vision of how they are going to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Ukraine
demonstrate the commitment to work in the chosen field in Ukraine
мати можливість отримати решту суми, необхідної для навчання, з інших джерел.
Potential candidates choose Master's program independently, go through the application process and further explain to the WorldWideStudies selection panel how he/she plans to apply the acquired knowledge in Ukraine.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation expects all grant winners to return to Ukraine and work in the chosen field of study for at least 5 years.

The grant primarily covers tuition fees, in some cases – books, medical insurance, accommodation and flights / local transport.

The grant amount is based on the needs and merits of each student. The majority of grants covers up to 60% of the amount required (but not more than $50 000 for the whole study period, 1-2 years).
General provisions
WorldWideStudies is an educational initiative of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elites.
Best Universities
Our competition is based on the 200 Top Universities of THE times Higher Education Ranking and first 200 universities from QS World University Ranking.
Who can participate in the WorldWideStudies program?
Potential participants of the program are citizens of Ukraine under the age of 35, who are admitted to the world's best universities (according to the QS and Times Higher Education ratings) to the Master's program in one of the fields: agricultural studies, environment and ecology, public law, public administration, aerospace engineering and alternative energies. Each participant should also be able to convince the Selection Panel during the contest, that the chosen Master's program fits his/her priorities in the future employment in Ukraine.)
How many participants will the WorldWideStudies program have?
Every year the number of grantees can vary depending on the program budget, which is divided between those who passed all stages of the selection process. The final quantity of grants will depend on the cost of the Master's programs selected by the finalists. Cost of the education significantly varies in different countries and in the fields of study, but we will do our best to support as many participants as possible.
Are there any quotas for each of the 6 fields of study, selected by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation?
No. All participants will compete with each other regardless of the field of study, country or language of studying.
To which universities can I apply? Can I apply to the universities which are not in the ratings of the world's best 200 Universities, compiled by THE Times Higher Education and QS?
Our programme has opted for The Times Higher Education and QS World University Ranking as a guide.
Which fields of study and which level of education are supported by the WorldWideStudies program?
The WorldWideStudies program supports only Master's level of education, 1- or 2-years degree programs, in the following fields:

  • agricultural studies,
  • environment and ecology,
  • public law (LLM),
  • public administration,
  • alternative energies,
  • engineering and technology.
My major isn't directly linked to one of the priority fields of study, but in the future I can work at one of the enterprises, which represent the selected fields of study. E.g. I would like to get the degree - Master of Arts in Finance.
The WorldWideStudies program supports young Ukrainians, who thrive to get education in the world's best universities in the fields, which the Foundation considers as a top priority for the future development of Ukraine. As a rule, Master's programs are targeted to the specifics of a certain field and give profound knowledge in the specified practical area. For example, Master's program in agricultural business – and not MBA; Master's program in ecological economics – and not Master's program in economics. The program administration will scrutinize all courses of the selected Master's program, and will make a conclusion on whether this program is appropriate for the Ukrainian reality, and the priority fields of study.
What is the process of taking the decision on the grant?
Members of the Selection Panel – representatives of the Foundation, Ukrainian and international business, civil society, state bodies – will make a judgement on each candidate according to a system of criteria and will give recommendations to the Foundation. When the Foundation receives the list of recommended candidates, it will make calculations of the possible grant amounts.
Which support can I expect from the WorldWideStudies program?
A grant amount will be established individually for each specific case, taking into consideration a student's needs and achievements. Grant of the program will cover up to 60% of the total cost of education (but not more than USD 30,000 or equivalent), which includes: tuition fees and all necessary payments to the university (except application fee), books, insurance, minimal cost of housing in dormitory and flight to/from a country of study. The assistance from the Foundation will primarily cover tuition fees, books, and insurance. In those countries where there are no tuition fees, we will cover up to 60% of the cost of living. All grant calculations will be based on the official data obtained from the university.
Will the program help me to find the matching funding?
In general no, but we inform candidates about possible matching funding, which is available. All candidates should seek and apply themselves for the matching funding.
Where can a grantee work after graduation?
The WordWideStudies grant is a targeted charity aid for education outside of Ukraine with the main goal – to promote Ukraine's further development. Therefore, we expect each participant to come back to Ukraine after graduation and work for at least 5 years within the chosen field.Such a commitment is provided for in the grant agreement that a grantee signs with the Foundation. Failure to meet this commitment shall give ground to refund the amount granted by the Foundation, which is provided for in the grant agreement.
Will the program help me with my future employment?
According to the results of the experts' survey which was conducted on our request, specialists with Western diploma are in high demand on the Ukrainian job market. We forecast that the majority of our grantees will find a job quickly. Active members of the WWS community will be informed about available vacancies in their fields through our alumni network.
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