General provisions
WorldWideStudies is an educational initiative of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elites.

The project provides financial and informational support to Ukrainian citizens aged under 35 who thrive to get qualified education in the world's best universities in the fields, which the Foundation considers as top priority for the future development of Ukraine.

1. WorldWideStudies program mission

1.1. The mission of the project is to create a new generation of the professional elite in the fields of economy, social and political life, which are of top priority for Ukraine.

1.2. Within the framework of the project we support talented Ukrainian youth in their desire to get modern education in the world's best universities and apply the acquired knowledge for the benefit of Ukraine, increase its long-term competitiveness when facing challenges of the 21st century.

1.3. Our aim is to create a community of professionals, who will become drivers of positive changes in the key industries of the country.

1.4. We are looking forward to develop international dialogue, which will foster exchange of global knowledge and experience, and lead to positive changes in Ukraine and in the world.

2. Grants

2.1. In the framework of the WorldWideStudies project, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation provides grants to Ukrainian youth. Grants partially cover the costs of receiving a Master`s degree abroad.

2.2. The provision of the grant, its terms are defined by the agreement between the grant-winner and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

2.3. The grant will be given to the winners of the national competition.

2.4. The grant might cover the university fees, in some cases – books, health insurance, accommodation and flights / local transport.

2.5. The amount of each grant will be set separately according to the needs and academic achievements of the student.

2.6. The majority of grants will cover up to 60 % of the necessary amount, but will not exceed $50,000 (or a corresponding equivalent in the currency of the country) for the whole period of studies (1-2 years).

2.7. Students will have to cover the rest on their own or find other matching financial resources (scholarships, the terms of which do not contradict the terms of the Grant, from universities and/or other organizations.

3. Fields of Study

3.1. Grants are provided to students, who are eager to study in the fields, which the Foundation considers to be significant for the development of Ukraine.

3.2. The list of fields is formed before every competition round.

3.3. The selection criteria for the fields of study are based on the importance of the fields for the future development of Ukraine as well as on the need in top professionals in these fields.

3.4. Within the framework of the WorldWideStudies program the following fields are considered to be of the top priority for WorldWideStudies Program at the moment:

3.4.1. Agriculture;
3.4.2. Environment, ecology;
3.4.3. Public law;
3.4.4. Public administration;
3.4.5. Alternative Energy;
3.4.6. Engineering and Technology.

3.5. The Foundation will also consider grant applications for studies under interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary master's programmes that focus on the fields adjacent to those mentioned in item 3.4.; however, potential candidates will have to present rationale for support of education in the chosen speciality.

4. Universities studies in which are funded with the Foundation's grants

4.1. Candidates should choose a University among the world's best 200 universities listed in The Times Higher Education та QS University rankings.

4.2. The Foundation reserves the right to recommend to the candidates the most appropriate Master`s programs/Universities within the chosen field of study.

4.3. The Foundation will give preference to the most interesting and innovative Master`s programs that will enable candidates' career growth and promote Ukraine's economic and social development.

4.4. The Foundation recommends candidates to scrutinize all available Master`s programs within the chosen field of study and to apply to several universities simultaneously. The high rating/acknowledgment of the University as a leader in the chosen field will be an advantage for receiving a grant.

4.5. Within its competences, the Foundation will provide candidates with available information on Master`s programs in the chosen fields.

5. Commitments of Project Participants

5.1. The WorldWideStudies project participant, who wins the competition and becomes entitled to a grant by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, should voluntarily make the following commitments in a bilateral agreement:

5.1.1. To achieve high academic results, successfully pass the final exams, and receive the diploma on finishing the chosen program;
5.1.2. To focus Master`s research on solving specific problems in Ukraine;
5.1.3. To return to Ukraine after graduation abroad and to work on the principle place of work in Ukraine for not less than 5 years from the finishing of studying;
5.1.4. To make use of the acquired knowledge and skills for the benefit of Ukraine;
5.1.5. To support future participants of the project WorldWideStudies.

5.2. If the candidate refuses to make these commitments, he/she will be no longer entitled to receive the grant.

6. General Terms of the Competition

6.1. The WorldWideStudies project participants will be shortlisted in the course of an open nationwide competition. The competition has two stages. Receiving a grant in only possible through winning the WorldWideStudies competition.

6.2. The first stage: the candidates who submitted application forms through the project web-site are shortlisted by the project staff. Based on the results of the first stage, the Foundation makes a preliminary decision about shortlisting candidates as potential project participants.

6.3. The second stage: the winners of the competition are selected amongst the candidates, who successfully pass the first stage of the competition. The decision is taken by a special independent Selection Panel which consists of representatives of the leading Ukrainian companies, human resource agencies, analytical centers, embassies of the countries of studies and other individuals who are able to make an unbiased selection of successful candidates.

6.4. The winners of the second stage of the competition receive grants based on the agreement signed with the Foundation, which includes mutual commitments.

7. Requirements for candidates

7.1. In order to apply for a grant from the Foundation, candidate should:

7.1.1. Be citizen of Ukraine under the age of 35 at the moment of enrollment to a foreign;
7.1.2. Have a bachelor's or higher degree in the field required by the chosen university and its Master`s program;
7.1.3. Be enrolled in a foreign university and begin his/her Master`s studies in the fall of the coming academic year;
7.1.4. Have a clear vision how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Ukraine;
7.1.5. Demonstrate the commitment to work in the chosen field in Ukraine;
7.1.6. have a possibility to get the rest of the amount needed for the studies, from other sources.

8. Grant Application

8.1. Grant application should be submitted within a term from February 1 till May 15 each year.

8.2. The grant application should include the following:

8.2.1. General information about the candidate, who is the citizen of Ukraine;
8.2.2. Information on the candidate's education and professional achievements;
8.2.3. Information on the results of the application and enrollment process for the chosen Master's programs;
8.2.4. Information on the candidate's eligibility for the chosen program (qualifications, test scores, professional experience);
8.2.5. An essay "What do you plan to do in Ukraine for 5 years after the return from training abroad using the acquired knowledge and experience?" written in Ukrainian or in English (up to 3000 characters);
8.2.6. Official confirmation of the applicant's admission to the chosen university;
8.2.7. Official university data on the full cost of the Master's programme (including tuition fee, accommodation, meals, books and medical insurance) and terms and forms of payments;
8.2.8. Financial documents confirming the funds raised from other sources to finance the rest of the total cost on education. Official university information on the given financial aid; Information on funds provided by the applicant's employer, family or applicant's own funds; Information on funds provided from other sources.

8.3. In cases when the candidate is admitted to two or more universities, he/she should indicate preferences in the grant application.

8.4. The assessment of applications will be conducted according to the date of submission with other things being equal. Foundation reserves the right to turn down the grant application or refuse to consider it in the following cases (the list is not exhaustive):

8.4.1. the application fails to meet the formal selection criteria of the project;
8.4.2. the Master's program curriculum fails to meet the requirements;
8.4.3. the Master's program fails to comply with the priorities of the project;
8.4.4. none of the universities selected by the applicant is included in the list of the 200 top universities according to The Times Higher Education;
8.4.5. the candidate's age and citizenship fail to meet the terms of the competition;
8.4.6. the candidate's financial need exceeds the amount of a grant under the project's terms.

8.5. The applications which are not turned down for reasons provided in 8.4. will be reviewed by a special independent Selection panel of the project. The candidates who submit these applications will receive an invitation to an interview with the Selection panel. A candidate who does not come to an interview without prior agreement with the Foundation will be deprived of the right to receive a grant.

8.6. Based on an interview, the Selection panel makes final decision on grant award using the following criteria:

8.6.1. The candidate's academic and professional achievements at the moment of submitting the application;
8.6.2. Personal achievements /candidate's contribution to Ukraine's development in the relevant field (publications, research, launch of innovative projects, personal patents and inventions etc.);
8.6.3. Solid grounds for the candidate's personal and professional objectives, convincing arguments and a clear vision how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Ukraine;
8.6.4. High standards/reputation of the chosen Masters program and the university;
8.6.5. The candidate's support by the current or potential employer in Ukraine;
8.6.6. The possibility to raise more funds needed for the candidate's study from other sources

8.7. A candidate will be notified about the Selection panel's decision by a letter and via the mass media within a term of no more than 15 days after the last interview.

9. Grant Agreement

9.1. The granting relationships between the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and the grantee is set in the Grant Agreement. The failure to comply with at least one of the terms of the agreement can be treated as misuse of the grant and can serve as a reason for returning the grant to the Foundation.

9.2. The agreement must include the following terms for the grantees:

9.2.1. their studies at the Master's program approved by the Foundation;
9.2.2. their studies in the form and within the terms which are standard for this program;
9.2.3. their compliance with all the academic requirements of the university for the chosen program as well as excellent performance throughout the whole course;
9.2.4. their use of the funds in accordance with the Foundation's proposal;
9.2.5. availability of matching funds to fully cover educational and living expenses abroad;
9.2.6. return to Ukraine no later than a month after completing the studies;
9.2.7. employment (principal place of work) in the chosen field in Ukraine for no less than 5 years after return to Ukraine;
9.2.8. consent to share experience with future project participants who are interested in a similar program.

9.3. The essential provisions of the Grant Agreement are:

9.3.1. the description of the goal of the grant and the ways it is used;
9.3.2. the description of the Master's program for which the candidate needs the grant;
9.3.3. the amount of the grant;
9.3.4. the validity of an agreement and the terms of giving and returning the grant in case of default of the Grant Agreement;
9.3.5. obligations of the parties and the consequences of the failure to meet them;
9.3.6. tax regime for the grant;
9.3.7. the purpose and payment schedule;
9.3.8. requirements for the grantee's performance and ways of monitoring his or her performance during the course of studies;
9.3.9. grantee's reporting;
9.3.10. notification system concerning the grant;
9.3.11. settlement of disputes.
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