WorldWideStudies is an educational initiative of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, aimed at fostering a new generation of Ukrainian professional elites.

The project encourages Ukrainian youth to get Master’s degrees in the world’s best universities1 in the fields selected by the Foundation as top priority for further development of Ukraine.

In 2010 the first 17 young Ukrainians won the “WorldWideStudies” grant of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. They have begun their studies in the fall of 2010. In 2011 19 grant winners were selected by the professional independent jury. Starting November 2011, all candidates for WorldWideStudies grant award can submit their applications for academic years 2012-2013/2014 on-line:

Grants are offered in the following 4 fields: agricultural studies, environment and ecology, law and public administration. The grant primarily covers tuition fees, books and medical insurance. The grant amount is based on the needs and merits of each student. The majority of grants covers up to 60% of the amount required (up to $50 000 $ for the whole study period, 1-2 years). Students have to find matching funding themselves.

Candidates are selected in the course of a national competition in June each year, and receive grants from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation to start their studies in fall that very year. Potential candidates choose Master’s program independently, go through the application process and further explain to the WorldWideStudies selection panel how he/she plans to apply the acquired knowledge inUkraine. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation expects all grant winners to return toUkraineand work in the chosen field of study for at least 5 years.

Project participants should meet the following criteria: be citizens ofUkraineunder the age of 35 (at the moment of University enrollment), have Bachelor’s or higher degree in the appropriate field, as per requirements of the Master’s program of the chosen University. The candidates should also demonstrate a clear vision how they are going to apply acquired knowledge and skills inUkraine.

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1  According to the rankings of THE Times Higher Education and QS

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